Wedding Gown Trends in 2019

If there's one thing we love about Bridal Fashion Week, it's seeing how our favorite wedding dress designers interpret (and create!) the current trend climate. Even the most timeless and traditional collections are punctuated by of-the-moment accents, turning Your wedding dress into mini time capsules that highlight the very best of contemporary design.

Wedding Gowns with Bows

Most brides-to-be strive for an ultra-stylish moment on their wedding day—after all, it’s the moment where you get to live out your fashion fantasies. Since it’s such a special and momentous occasion, you may be of the mind to try a silhouette or detail that you wouldn’t normally don in your everyday life whether that’s a unique silhouette, fanciful flourish or an elegant train. A wedding dress with a bow is a great style to consider if you're aiming for a bit of whimsy whilst you say ‘I do’. The look is fanciful and feminine but not so over the top that you’ll feel totally extra. Bows are incredibly classic, especially in the bridal world and myriad options are on offer from dramatic to understated. A voluminous sash is a classic way to wear a bow on your wedding day—a signature style by Oscar de la Renta. Often done in a structured fabric like silk Mikado or taffeta, an ample bow can cinch your waist like a belt to create a flattering shape and come together in the back to flow into an extended train or simply fasten along your spine. You can also opt for a bow that ties along your side, centered at your middle or off-kilter in the front. Another theatrical way to wear a bow is as a cape-style train that fixes at your shoulders and flows down the back of your gown just so.

Geometric Wedding Gowns

One of the hottest trends for 2019 weddings is geometric wedding gowns, contrarious to romantic lace gowns that are everywhere. Saying ‘geometric’, I mean geometric cutouts or geometric lace or patterns done in various ways including beading, so many brides will be able to find something to look super trendy. These can be gowns from boho and retro to glam and art deco ones, depending on the look you want and the style you are looking for. I’ve prepared some adorable ideas of fashionable geometric wedding dresses, let’s take a look.

Gorgeous Glitter Gowns

If you’re all about the opulence with your wedding dress but want to stick with to white or ivory palette, sequins are a spectacular choice. From simple slip silhouettes to plunging V-neck designs and long sleeves, glittering paillettes are fanciful and fun without straying too far from a traditional bridal look. If you’re unabashed by color, blush, gold, or silver shades are dazzling and still feel decidedly bridal. Plus, if you’re the type of bride who's looking to get more wear out of your wedding gown, a sequin dress can easily be worn again for a New Year’s Eve party or black tie event down the road. For more traditional brides craving glamour but find all-over sequins to be a little too flashy for a wedding dress, elaborate beading, pearl detailing, and rhinestones make for an ultra-glitzy gown from bridal white shades to shimmering silver and gold hues. Head-to-toe adornment is just right for scene-stealing brides from fringe-beaded column silhouettes with vintage appeal to flouncy tiers of chiffon with glittering beadwork. For just a skosh of sparkle and shine, a wedding dress with an embellished bodice or sleeves will make a simpler statement.

Bridal Dresses with Puffed Sleeves

Wedding dress trends are constantly evolving, but no matter how fresh a design feels, there’s often some sort of influence from way back when. Over the past few seasons, nostalgia รก la the ‘80s and early ‘90s has infiltrated fashion in various forms, from voluminous tops to minimal slips and bold-shoulder party dresses. Now, the bigger-is-better mentality is translating to wedding gowns with puffy sleeves as a primary focal point. We know, we know, giant sleeves on a wedding dress sounds super old school—thoughts of your mom, aunt, or grandma’s wedding photos from years ago are likely percolating in your memory—and a little too Disney princess for most modern brides’ taste. But oversized sleeves are no longer an antiquated, cringe-worthy style of decades past. In fact, we’re here to report that big sleeves are officially back and in modern form from sleek, Victorian-inspired sleeves to delicately puffed shoulders.

Wedding Pants & Jumpsuits

In 1840, Queen Victoria monumentally changed the course of bridal fashion when she wore a white satin and lace dress to her wedding. Bending the rules and moving away from the traditional, colourful wedding gowns of the time, the young Victoria kickstarted a trend that would continue to reign for nearly two centuries. Today, while the classic white wedding dress is still a favourite of many brides, times are changing. Consequently, the ideas surrounding bridal attire are evolving once more. As women across the world strive for equality, this push against the patriarchy and the redefinition of femininity is being expressed through fashion. Notably, many women are now opting to wear a statement-making, sophisticated, and ultimately alluring pant suit to their wedding. From bold colours and luxurious satin to delicate lace and traditional whites, the options for bridal pant suits are expanding each day. Therefore, to take some stress away from the planning of your special day, we’re here to give the rundown on the gorgeous pant suits options for your wedding.


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